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  • The Fire Walking Center - Home of Tolly Burkan

    The Firewalking Intensive Training

    Dec 1st – 3rd  2017

    This incredible seminar designed by Tolly Burkan and taught by Kevin Axtell teaches everything needed to become a professional Firewalking Instructor. Even more important, the course itself is a life changing experience that allows participants to redefine who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

    Over the course of three intense days, you will surpass your own self-creating limitations, by going through poweful breakthrough cermonies designed to help you achieve your goals and take control of your life. After each activities this course teaches you how to facilitate these experiences for others.

    This course offers the rare opportunity to meet Tolly Burkan in person and get a picture with the Firewalking Founder himself. He will also be presenting a special presentation during the course.

    Join us at The Firewalking Center for these three days and we assure you, you will leave a changed person!


  • PYROTRAINIA  The Fire Dancer Empowerment Retreat 

    Sept 29th – Oct 1st  2017

    This is the world’s first and longest-running Fire Artist Empowerment retreat!

    Join us, and experience the transformational power of firewalking, fire dancing, board-breaking, juggling, intention setting, group activities, and so much more all combined into 1 life-changing experience! In addition to these activities will be world class prop manipulation and skill based workshops. Designed to grow your skill and your will to new heights!

    Skill classes include Poi, Hoop , Staff, Juglging, Fire Eating, Fire Magic, ,

    Beginner and advanced fire lovers welcome!



  • Empowerment Mastery Program 2018

    March 18th – March 25th 2018

    A week long training in life mastery, leadership, advanced exercises, and of course FIREWALKING.  This course is filled with deep teachings, dynamic and unique growth activities, and truly adventurous experiences. Along with the intense personal development, the course teaches advanced principles and activities for presenters, coaches, teachers, healers, and seekers. “It’s not just advanced firewalking,” though there is plenty of that! Mastery students leave the training with a toolbox full of new and impactful activities and teachings to share with their own students and followers.

    It includes what Tolly Burkan refers to as “the most powerful processes I’ve come across in my 40 years teaching spiritual growth“. Mastery students will be guided and challenged to find and embrace the master within




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