Firewalking Center Master Trainers

TollyTolly Burkan began teaching in 1973. At that time, he presented “The Science of Happiness” invented by Ken Keyes. Tolly and Ken taught together and co-authored the bestselling book “How to Make Your Life Work or Why Aren’t You Happy?? published by Simon & Schuster in 1976.

Tolly is most renowned, however, as the founder of the international firewalking movement. Tolly’s approach to firewalking resulted in a global phenomenon of over four million people attending firewalking classes. Due to his pioneering strategies, firewalking seminars are now regularly offered on six continents.

Tolly built his reputation by consistently creating innovative, cutting-edge methods for developing human potential. In 1977 he created the world’s first firewalking class and began teaching firewalking to the general public. In the 1980′s, he founded the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education and started working with large corporations and began training instructors. The ’90s transformed his work into a mushrooming corporate trend. Even mainstream companies such as Microsoft, American Express and Met-Life began including firewalking in their executive empowerment seminars.

Tolly has taught firewalking to many celebrities, including Andrew Weil, M.D., Regis Philbin, and Anthony Robbins. His public seminars have a broad range of appeal, drawing attendees from across the country and around the world. Tolly recently demonstrated mind over matter on national television by influencing slot machines in Nevada casinos during one of his peak performance trainings covered by Inside Edition.

In addition to being the first person to offer firewalking in public seminars, Tolly was the first to offer public seminars teaching ordinary people to walk barefooted, unharmed, on shards of broken glass; the first to teach public classes that included metal bar bending; barehanded brick breaking; arrow snapping; and many other esoteric practices of heightened awareness and empowerment, usually reserved for a select few.

In 2008, Tolly stopped teaching firewalking publicly, shifting his focus to certifying firewalking instructors. Tolly also lectures, and conducts private retreats at his home in the Sierra Mountains of northern California. He has authored eight books that are available in 14 languages, and has been featured in over 50 books, hundreds of magazines and newspapers, and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. appears on all major television networks and has been a guest on Donahue, Regis and Geraldo.

kimgDirector of The Firewalking Center, Kevin has been personally mentored for over a decade from Firewalking legend Tolly Burkan himself.  He has also had the opportunity to learn in person from many of the global leaders in firewalking including: Peggy Dylan, Rolph and Owsa Beckman, John Maisel, and Charles Horton. This has resulted in one of the most well rounded and thorough understandings of firewalking in the world.

In 2009 Kevin acquired his Master Firewalking Instructor level certification from The Firewalking Institute. Since then he has led firewalking trainings all over the world including: Spain – Australia – Amsterdam – Mexico – as well as over 20 different states in the USA

KevinLogoHis firewalking credits include a host of television and commercial projects, including: working with Pepsi and Superstar Usher, a Mythbusters Episode, a Rad Girls Episode and a Doritos Commercial, as well as several news segments around the country and documentary features.

Anyone who has seen him perform live knows he is a passionate fire performer as well. Kevin is internationally recognized as one the best fire spinners on the planet today. Also an event producer, Kevin is now General Manager for the FIREDRUMS Festival, the country’s largest and longest running Fire Dancing and Flow Arts Festival.

Kevin creates a Firewalk for Pepsi and Usher


Steve ConsalvezSteve was the longest serving founding graduating Master Trainer for The Firewalking Institute before agreeing to join the Firewalking originator, Tolly Burkan at The Firewalking Center.

Steve is the most established UK Firewalking Instructor and he began by helping one of Tolly Burkan and Tony Robbins’ graduates in 1992 to bring Firewalking to the UK and became the leading promoter, helping to host audiences of more than 300 participants, and appearing in You Magazine from The Mail on Sunday. He then went on to promote Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Sir John Harvey-Jones, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Steven Covey among others, becoming Tony Robbins’ #1 closer in Europe.

Steve has trained with Tony Robbins, Tolly Burkan, John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Will MacDonald, Cesar Millan, Jay Abraham among others and has constructed his own purpose-built Empowerment and Firewalking Teaching centre whilst teaching leaders in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Processing), empowerment and firewalking across UK, Europe and USA.

In 1995, Steve launched his own Fear Into Power program and was soon established as a thought-leader in personal development. He was invited to appear on UK‘s national news program, ITV‘s News at 10, screened to 18 million viewers.

He mixes his events with empowerment activities, fun, humour, scientific fact-based information, metaphor, NLP, direct and indirect suggestion, and action-based personal improvement. In the US, he is often referred to as the “Simon Cowell” of the personal development world, as he has a reputation for candour and honesty. In the UK, Steve is often called The Catalyst Man, because his conviction that ‘people are awesome’, frequently turns itself into instant action.

Steve has worked within several Corporate Institutions, including the world’s largest temporary Real Estate company, Regus, where he created a turnaround plan that saved the UK business, resulting in a £50 million positive reversal of fortune.

His company, Success Formulae is now engaged with corporations in Europe and the US providing corporate change advice and team empowerment and motivation, as well as providing small business courses to help and develop their knowledge, personal confidence and profit.

His purpose built training facility, The Retreat, in Cambridgeshire, is a 1,500 square foot venue created for the base of the Firewalking Instructor Training course, and for his own firewalk, charity and empowerment events.

Steve worked alongside the Firewalking Institute Research and Education from 2008 to 2014, co-creating the standards for achievement of certification status, and co-authoring the training materials that the Institute uses. He has co-trained and personally trained over 350 new Firewalking Instructors across the world.

He is a certified Master Trainer and has joined The Firewalking Center as a member of the Senior Management Team and Senior Training Team. Steve is an ongoing trainer and advisor in the latest methods and standards for Firewalking Instructors and Master Instructors.

His company, Success Formulae, works with corporations and individuals alike. For more information about working with Steve or The Firewalking Center, he can be contacted through The Firewalking Center, or via his UK Firewalking website