Dying to Live

Dying to Live

From despair and death to enlightenment and joy

This book is a masterful presentation of the struggle to become a healthy, happy human being. 

It is an autobiographical account of a person’s journey to a life without fear and how Tolly ultimately found meaning and value in his life.
“It is a deeply moving saga that will inspire and instruct all who read it” – Virginia Satir, renowned psychologist and author.
This book tells the remarkable story not just about the value of persistence but of the benefit of working through momentous problems of the spirit and of the mind and what what can happen if you succeed in making the journey through that pain.


Originally written in 1984, this new and revised edition charts the life of Tolly Burkan, the founder of the modern Global Firewalking Movement, from the despair of youth to a life of enlightened happiness.


Read about how you can take your life to new and exciting levels.

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